Week One

Weekly Update

Week one was very very busy! As for journalism I feel as though I have accomplished a lot, and I find myself already learning new things. I learned how to shoot on two different cameras, and was taught a lot about the different lenses and what purposes they serve. This was a very big accomplishment for me, mainly because I thought I was incapable of using cameras… I finished two pieces, “The Story Behind the Red Shoes,” and “7 Ways to Deal With Your School Stress.” It sounds cheesy, but I find myself learning new things each and every time I enter the classroom. Whether it be from my peers, my teachers, or the individuals whom I interview. At first I was not sure about the new course, but I have learned to love everything about it, and I actually enjoy going to class (unlike math). My goals for future weeks are to capture the full story and to find unique angles for each of these stories. Other than that, I will simply continue to write new pieces and enjoy my time as a part time journalist!


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