Week Three

Weekly Update

Week 3 is done, and boy was it a tough one. I faced one of my biggest challenges this week, something which I did not anticipate to be so difficult; writing with a partner. This was my first time working with a partner to produce an article, and it was definitely a challenge. Combining the thoughts and ideas of two people into one article sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Fortunately, my partner and I were able to create an awesome article which put both of our ideas together. This taught me the skill of collaboration. Of course I have worked on projects with other people before, but writing an article with other people is very different. I was definitely pushed outside of my comfort zone this week but I am happy that I tried something knew. I would have to say, I find it much easier to write individually, but it was an interesting experience to work with someone else. I am just beginning an article on intramurals, and am looking for a creative angle. I myself took part in the dodgeball intramurals, so I find that I am in good position to write about this topic. I hope to finish the article by the end of the week, and for it to be a success.


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