Second Round of Intramurals Begin


When WCI transitioned from a non-semestered to semestered timetable this year, intramurals became a possible reality. Many other high schools run intramurals, but in previous years, intramural activities were impossible at WCI due to the absence of a common lunch.

The new program, which has caught the attention of students and staff throughout the school, is run by students themselves. Mr. Nickel, student council advisor, said, “The initiative of the students running intramurals is truly amazing. They really do have a passion for the activity.” These students plan which sports to feature, as well as the schedule of when each team will play. This job is definitely not an easy one, but with such great student leaders, intramurals are able to successfully run.

When asked about intramurals, and how they have been going so far, Danielle S, a member of the intramural committee, said, “Dodgeball went very well. It has been the only event so far, and we had many teams sign up. There were always spectators in the gym cheering for the teams, and there was even a team of teachers who participated.”

In total there were 14 teams who took part in the dodgeball intramurals. In the end, it was a group of grade 12s who battled their way to victory, going undefeated throughout the tournament. Islam T, a member of the winning team, said, “Dodgeball was a really great time. I’m definitely interested in participating in intramurals again. They were managed really well and I think my whole team would agree.”

The word of intramurals is spreading quickly around the school, and although there were many teams who participated in dodgeball, there are many who did not, but who wish to participate in the future.

Maddy Kim, a grade 11 student at WCI explained, “I didn’t take part in intramurals but watching them was so much fun. To be honest I kind of regret not getting a team together, but I want to participate next time for sure!”

There are many other sports which will be featured over the course of the year, which cater to the diverse athletic talent at WCI. The next sport, which will begin next week, is 3 on 3 basketball, and other potential sports include floor hockey, soccer baseball and bench ball.

Intramurals are a great way to be active and enjoy sports, without the heavy time commitment and cost of varsity sports. They allow Vikings to meet new people, and to have fun while doing so. Although this is only the first year of intramurals at WCI, it is with high hopes that there are many more programs to come.


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