Week Four

Weekly Update

Week four is complete, and it has been yet another successful one for The Fjord! This week I was able to receive feedback from my teacher as to how I have been doing so far in the course. I will definitely use what she has said to improve as a journalist, and to push myself personally. My intramural article which I worked on for just under a week was recently published and I began two new articles. These articles focus on preparing for college/university as well as saving money as a student. I also spoke to a fellow student, Jacob T, about working with him on his next video project to gain knowledge in the field of filming. Overall I feel as though I can expand my journalism into different forms, and this is why I spoke with Jacob about the video. However, I find my work is definitely having an impact on the WCI community, as I have received positive feedback from both students and staff. All of the pieces which I have written have been school oriented, or have been relatable for certain individuals in the school, which allows me to connect with them. Over the rest of the semester I will continue to push myself and try new things with the art of journalism. I will try taking on new forms with my writing and exploring further into different styles.


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