Week Five

Weekly Update

Week five is coming to an end, and I feel as though it has been one of my most successful weeks in terms of production. I produced a total of three pieces throughout the week, all of which I really enjoyed working on. The first of these three was an article dealing with 5 ways to prepare for college/university. I started the article last week but was able to successfully finish it on Monday. I then worked on a summary for the tennis season in addition to a brief article about the cake boss competition. I am currently in the editing stages of another article dealing with ways to save money as a student.

In terms of what I wish to see from The Fjord in the future, I would have to say that I hope to see more light hearted content. I find a lot of the content on the blog is very serious, and I think that it would be new and refreshing to introduce some comedic pieces. I also think that we could consider doing more activities, such as polls and surveys beneath articles to see how our viewers feel about the situation. This would allow us to receive feedback from our viewers, but at the same time it would also allow them to voice their opinions. All in all, I believe that The Fjord is running very well and that we are continuing to attract more and more viewers to the site, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!


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