Week Six

Weekly Update

This week I have accomplished a few different pieces for The Fjord! I recently published a follow up piece on the Cake Boss Challenge with the help of my teacher, as well as an article about saving money as a student. I found my article about saving money as a student to be relatively similar to another piece which I have already witten and at the moment I am rying to find a solution for this. I am now working on two editorial pieces, one about the “no hat” rule at WCI, and another about the LRT situation in the community. I am also waiting to collaborate with two fellow classmates on their next video, which will hopefully begin next week!

As for my photo journalism assignment, I have just started this morning… I tested out different lenses on my camera last weekend to get a feel for it, but I hope to actually work on it this weekend! I haven’t had much time to read or browse the internet this week due to my extremely busy schedule, but I did read a few of Leigh’s articles on The Fjord, and found his writing style to be very unique and funny. I really enjoy his subtle sense of humour that shines through in his writing, and would like to try something similar in the near future.


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