Photo Journalism

Weekly Update

Honest Emotion-

These two photos were taken only seconds apart, kind of like a “before and after”. The first photo tells the story of a young girl laughing as she lay in the snow, while the second shows her wide eyed expression as she gets snow in her mitten.  These photos display “honest emotion” due to the fact that they were not posed; rather, the photos simply show the real expression of the girl.

Quiet Moments-

I believe that the first photo shows the “quiet moment” just after a fresh snowfall, when everything seems so still and perfectly placed. I took this photo while hanging my Christmas lights, so for me, it tells the story of the winter season, and more specifically, Christmas. The second photo was taken just as the sun was coming up on a Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are the quiestest time of the week, and this photo captured that, with the up close, still shot of nature.


Both of these photos were taken at the WCI vs BCI hockey game this past week. The reason why these photos fit interaction as opposed to action is because they were captured at the still moments during the game. These moments are very hard to capture in such a fast pace sport. The photos show the players and the referee all interacting,  which shows the story of a hockey game, and the competitive nature between two teams.

Peak Action-

What better way to “peak action” than through sports? These two photos show soccer players doing what they do best. These photos are clips of a soccer game, which essentially tell the story of the game itself, and the sport in general. They are considered action shots because they display movement, which makes the shots very pure and natural.

Tight Portrait-

These portaits are up close shots of my dog. They fit the category “tight portrait” because they are still head shots of the subject. These photos represent a nice fall day in the park, and more importantly companionship. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, and many can relate to this, whether it be with a dog or another pet.

Playing With Shapes-

These photos are both good examples of playing with shapes. The first photo plays with the shape of the spider web as well as the wood pannels in the background. While the second shot plays with the fact that there is one feather amongst several leaves. The contrast between the colours, as well as the shapes puts emphasis on the singular feather. These two photos show the story of autumn, and the beauty of the season.


All three of these photos capture “artifacts” due to the fact that they show one’s personality without showing the person themself. The first photo tells the “silent story” of a young girl holding her name written on a rock. The second photo shows an individual with vibrant shoes, which reflect their personality as well as their emotion. The third photo tells the story of money, and how the subject is reaching for it. I am currently working on an article called “4 Ways to Save Money as a Student,” and this photo could be used for that.

Scene Setter-

These photos apply to the category of “scene setter” because they display the full scene, without focusing too specifically on one aspect. The first photo tells the story of the new LRT system which is currently undergoing construction in the KW region. The second shows the view from the top of a hill, which captures trees, grass and the ocean, and tells the story of a warm and sunny day.



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