Component 1: My Portfolio Website





For my personal website I chose the theme illustratr. There were so many different themes to chose from upon first glance, but for me illustratr really stuck out. The pictures above display the orginial template without any adjustments. As you can see, it is very plain, with a basic font, and no photos.

When I started playing around with the template I realized you can input so many cool features. I added things such as my own personalized menu, a cover photo, and my all time favourite quote. To keep organized and allow viewers to easily follow, I made categories on my menu. Besides weekly updates, articles, and photos, I also included a category about myself, a contact page, and my code of ethics, so that my audience could get to know who I am as a person.

The decisions I made were able to show my personality as well as reflect who I am as a journalist. I kept the black and white theme because in my opinion it was the most clean looking. The other colour options were a bit busy and I wanted my website to focus more on the content rather than the actual design of the website. I also made the fonts clear and easy to read so that my viewers would not have trouble following along. When it came to photos I used cover photos on the majority of my work. I was careful not to overdo it, as my main goal was to create a clean and clear website for my audience.

The biggest thing I realized after I started to further develop my website was that although the small details may be hard to figure out at first (especially for someone as bad with technoloy as me) they are definitely worth it. Making a website is not easy, but with time and patience I found it to be very rewarding.


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