Component 3: Society, 21st Century Journalism and Me


The 5 E’s of Journalism in 2016

As a jounalist, I believe that it is very important to read the work of other fellow journalists. As unimportant as you may think it sounds, there are so many interesting things you can learn from another person’s work. Personally, I find great inspiration and insight through others, which allows me to better myself as a journalist. After reading Alfred Hermida’s piece on The 5 E’s of Journalism in 2016, I felt as though I learned a few things.

I thought that he had very strong points, and evident proof behind each of them. I agree with the overall message of his article, in the sense that I am beginning to see recent journalism taking the forms of the five types which he described. He covered a wide range of journalism, which I also believe to be important simply based on the fact that there are so many different types, and so many different forms worth acknowledging.

I myself have actually experiemented with a few of these different types of journalism, in hopes to appeal to a larger group of people. After all, the more diverse your articles are, the more diverse your audience will be.

I wrote an article earlier this year about the passing of a former WCI teacher, which was most definitely an emotional piece. Hermida speaks about happy emotions, and feel good stories, which can greatly influence individuals. My article focused on a more somber topic, but was still able to pull emotions out of people. I was even stopped in the hallway by several teachers who told me that my article was very touching. Writing that reaches out to people and makes them feel a ceratin emotion is very powerful, and I was able to see this with my specific piece.

I have also experimented over the course, using a variety of different mediums to express myself as a journalist. At the beginning of the semester I only focused on written articles, but with a bit of encouragement, I pushed myself to try photography as well as videogrpahy. This ties in with Hermida’s idea of experiementation, which is simply trying different things to attract the attention of different people. Some people may love to read, while others may enjoy visuals, such as photography and videography. However, it is important to understand this, so your work can be as effective as possible.

In terms of my audience, I have shown awareness by producing relevant, and interesting articles. My articles have touched on many different topics, which allowed me to appeal to a more diverse audience, which I realized is a key to attracting viewers. Also, as I mentioned above, trying different mediums targets a wider range of people, which allows me to reach the greatest number of people. Catering to my audience is very impotant, and my statstics proved that I was able to successfully do so. Whether it be a poll, a gallery, a video, or an article, I attracted many viewers at a consistent rate.

In general, reading Alfred Herminda’s article allowed me to reflect on my work over the course of the semester. Before reading this article I did not realize just how many different types of journalism I had touched on. This article also allowed me to consider my audience, and how I reached multiple different groups of people, all whom have very different interests.

Photography by: Devin Frede



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