Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a journalist it is extremely important to create a well established code of ethics. I have created what I believe to be the perfect code of ethics for the work which I will be doing over the course of the semester. It is very important that specific requirements are met and that rules are enforced. Aspects such as fairness, honesty, integrity and more, must combine when working as a journalist. Here is the code which I have created for my work.

Be Honest

I promise to provide original information which allows my viewers to value my opinion and trust me. This means that all of my work must be authentic, and that if I use sources to obtain my information they must be clearly cited. If I am not honest and if my work is not my own I will become uncredible and irrelevant to my viewers.

Be Clear

I promise to clearly distinguish between fact and opinion, and to make sure that this is evident to my viewers. This allows my work to be accurate and effective, as an opinion piece should clearly display an opinion, and an objective piece should clearly display facts and information.

Be Fair

I promise to publish fair work which shows all sides and which displays an unbiased opinion. This will allow me to capture the most diverse angle of each story without planting my opinion in the viewers minds.

Be Respectful

I promise to treat all sources, viewers and anyone else involved in the creation of my work with the utmost respect. I will value their opinions and criticism and be respectful and kind to all.

Be Professional

I promise to create high quality/professional work which will allow me to establish a good reputation. I will correct errors when they arise and handle them appropriately. I will also admit when I am wrong and adjust my work to prove this.