Week Seven

Weekly Update

These past few weeks I have accomplished several different things. I had two articles published this week, the first was a piece called “5 Ways to Save Money as A Student,” and the second was a piece about the LRT transit system in KW. I am currently collaborating with Jacob T. on a video about climate change, which will be done before the Christmas break. I am also working on two separate articles, in hopes that I can finish at least one before the break. However, I am writing a piece to go hand in hand with the climate change video, so I may only be able to finish that. It has been a good experience with video so far, and I feel as though I am learning a lot! Today I took photos at the Jacob Ranton Memorial basketball tournament, which covered the senior boys basketball team as well as the touching speech at half time in memory of Jacob. To sum things up, I hope to get the the photo gallery for senior boys basketball posted, as well as the climate change article/video by the end of this week.


Photo Journalism

Weekly Update

Honest Emotion-

These two photos were taken only seconds apart, kind of like a “before and after”. The first photo tells the story of a young girl laughing as she lay in the snow, while the second shows her wide eyed expression as she gets snow in her mitten.  These photos display “honest emotion” due to the fact that they were not posed; rather, the photos simply show the real expression of the girl.

Quiet Moments-

I believe that the first photo shows the “quiet moment” just after a fresh snowfall, when everything seems so still and perfectly placed. I took this photo while hanging my Christmas lights, so for me, it tells the story of the winter season, and more specifically, Christmas. The second photo was taken just as the sun was coming up on a Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are the quiestest time of the week, and this photo captured that, with the up close, still shot of nature.


Both of these photos were taken at the WCI vs BCI hockey game this past week. The reason why these photos fit interaction as opposed to action is because they were captured at the still moments during the game. These moments are very hard to capture in such a fast pace sport. The photos show the players and the referee all interacting,  which shows the story of a hockey game, and the competitive nature between two teams.

Peak Action-

What better way to “peak action” than through sports? These two photos show soccer players doing what they do best. These photos are clips of a soccer game, which essentially tell the story of the game itself, and the sport in general. They are considered action shots because they display movement, which makes the shots very pure and natural.

Tight Portrait-

These portaits are up close shots of my dog. They fit the category “tight portrait” because they are still head shots of the subject. These photos represent a nice fall day in the park, and more importantly companionship. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, and many can relate to this, whether it be with a dog or another pet.

Playing With Shapes-

These photos are both good examples of playing with shapes. The first photo plays with the shape of the spider web as well as the wood pannels in the background. While the second shot plays with the fact that there is one feather amongst several leaves. The contrast between the colours, as well as the shapes puts emphasis on the singular feather. These two photos show the story of autumn, and the beauty of the season.


All three of these photos capture “artifacts” due to the fact that they show one’s personality without showing the person themself. The first photo tells the “silent story” of a young girl holding her name written on a rock. The second photo shows an individual with vibrant shoes, which reflect their personality as well as their emotion. The third photo tells the story of money, and how the subject is reaching for it. I am currently working on an article called “4 Ways to Save Money as a Student,” and this photo could be used for that.

Scene Setter-

These photos apply to the category of “scene setter” because they display the full scene, without focusing too specifically on one aspect. The first photo tells the story of the new LRT system which is currently undergoing construction in the KW region. The second shows the view from the top of a hill, which captures trees, grass and the ocean, and tells the story of a warm and sunny day.


Week Six

Weekly Update

This week I have accomplished a few different pieces for The Fjord! I recently published a follow up piece on the Cake Boss Challenge with the help of my teacher, as well as an article about saving money as a student. I found my article about saving money as a student to be relatively similar to another piece which I have already witten and at the moment I am rying to find a solution for this. I am now working on two editorial pieces, one about the “no hat” rule at WCI, and another about the LRT situation in the community. I am also waiting to collaborate with two fellow classmates on their next video, which will hopefully begin next week!

As for my photo journalism assignment, I have just started this morning… I tested out different lenses on my camera last weekend to get a feel for it, but I hope to actually work on it this weekend! I haven’t had much time to read or browse the internet this week due to my extremely busy schedule, but I did read a few of Leigh’s articles on The Fjord, and found his writing style to be very unique and funny. I really enjoy his subtle sense of humour that shines through in his writing, and would like to try something similar in the near future.

Week Five

Weekly Update

Week five is coming to an end, and I feel as though it has been one of my most successful weeks in terms of production. I produced a total of three pieces throughout the week, all of which I really enjoyed working on. The first of these three was an article dealing with 5 ways to prepare for college/university. I started the article last week but was able to successfully finish it on Monday. I then worked on a summary for the tennis season in addition to a brief article about the cake boss competition. I am currently in the editing stages of another article dealing with ways to save money as a student.

In terms of what I wish to see from The Fjord in the future, I would have to say that I hope to see more light hearted content. I find a lot of the content on the blog is very serious, and I think that it would be new and refreshing to introduce some comedic pieces. I also think that we could consider doing more activities, such as polls and surveys beneath articles to see how our viewers feel about the situation. This would allow us to receive feedback from our viewers, but at the same time it would also allow them to voice their opinions. All in all, I believe that The Fjord is running very well and that we are continuing to attract more and more viewers to the site, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Week Four

Weekly Update

Week four is complete, and it has been yet another successful one for The Fjord! This week I was able to receive feedback from my teacher as to how I have been doing so far in the course. I will definitely use what she has said to improve as a journalist, and to push myself personally. My intramural article which I worked on for just under a week was recently published and I began two new articles. These articles focus on preparing for college/university as well as saving money as a student. I also spoke to a fellow student, Jacob T, about working with him on his next video project to gain knowledge in the field of filming. Overall I feel as though I can expand my journalism into different forms, and this is why I spoke with Jacob about the video. However, I find my work is definitely having an impact on the WCI community, as I have received positive feedback from both students and staff. All of the pieces which I have written have been school oriented, or have been relatable for certain individuals in the school, which allows me to connect with them. Over the rest of the semester I will continue to push myself and try new things with the art of journalism. I will try taking on new forms with my writing and exploring further into different styles.

Week Three

Weekly Update

Week 3 is done, and boy was it a tough one. I faced one of my biggest challenges this week, something which I did not anticipate to be so difficult; writing with a partner. This was my first time working with a partner to produce an article, and it was definitely a challenge. Combining the thoughts and ideas of two people into one article sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Fortunately, my partner and I were able to create an awesome article which put both of our ideas together. This taught me the skill of collaboration. Of course I have worked on projects with other people before, but writing an article with other people is very different. I was definitely pushed outside of my comfort zone this week but I am happy that I tried something knew. I would have to say, I find it much easier to write individually, but it was an interesting experience to work with someone else. I am just beginning an article on intramurals, and am looking for a creative angle. I myself took part in the dodgeball intramurals, so I find that I am in good position to write about this topic. I hope to finish the article by the end of the week, and for it to be a success.

Week Two

Weekly Update

It is crazy to believe that yet another week has breezed by! This week, was quite similar to last week… in the sense that it was extremely busy. I had a chance to get out to a few of the senior girls basketball games and take some photographs. I learned a lot about photographing sports… it is not as easy at it looks. I also began writing two new articles, one on VIP, the schools grade nine integration program, and the other on intramurals. The VIP article is almost finished, and is undergoing final edits. The intramurals article is in its preliminary stages, and will hopefully be finished by the end of this week. Besides that, I have kept busy investigating different styles of writing and how I can use them in my various articles. I will continue working hard and trying my hardest to learn new things each week.

Week One

Weekly Update

Week one was very very busy! As for journalism I feel as though I have accomplished a lot, and I find myself already learning new things. I learned how to shoot on two different cameras, and was taught a lot about the different lenses and what purposes they serve. This was a very big accomplishment for me, mainly because I thought I was incapable of using cameras… I finished two pieces, “The Story Behind the Red Shoes,” and “7 Ways to Deal With Your School Stress.” It sounds cheesy, but I find myself learning new things each and every time I enter the classroom. Whether it be from my peers, my teachers, or the individuals whom I interview. At first I was not sure about the new course, but I have learned to love everything about it, and I actually enjoy going to class (unlike math). My goals for future weeks are to capture the full story and to find unique angles for each of these stories. Other than that, I will simply continue to write new pieces and enjoy my time as a part time journalist!